Winter is Leaving

Winter in Leaving

This is Arya, the youngest of the pride and all full of spite and fury. Like the rest of the cats, she is desperate for spring. What she is looking at is the melting 8″ of snow we got this weekend. And she waits for spring.

I’m eager for spring if only because inside work on the house is killing me. We’re installing blinds and shades in a few rooms of the house. It requires lots of measuring, drilling, and the turning of screws into tough vinyl and plaster. It’s raised havoc with my left shoulder, my puny forearms, and the carpal issues with my hands. In just the past few days I installed blinds in the dining room and yesterday a shade in the kitchen. That one was a beast because I was balanced on the kitchen sink and trying to drill up into the dropped ceiling. Carjo got a new desk for her office because the old one was falling apart. It showed up yesterday, just after I finished fighting the shade in the kitchen. So of course, I had to assemble that desk as well. The back of my right hand from my knuckles to my wrist is throbbing now, my neck is a wall of pain, and my shoulder wants to crawl up into my collarbone. I’ll be more than happy to rake and push a lawn mower when the snow is gone.

So while my gentle readers consider cats, construction, and the change of seasons, I offer this piece of music as a soundtrack. This is the exquisite Boz Scaggs epic “Loan Me a Dime” with Duane Allman raising a ruckus on lead guitar.

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3 Responses to Winter is Leaving

  1. alicia light says:

    Is that a Maine Coon?

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    We didn’t think she had any coon in her when we got her but then the characteristics started showing up. I suspect she’s a half-breed or maybe a quarter. Our pure-bred male Maine’s tower over her.

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