They’ve Got a Cave Troll!

They've Got a Cave Troll!

I just unfriended a couple people on Facebook. I had posted something regarding Universal Healthcare comparing the US to Canada/Australia/etc. It wasn’t much but it was more than a couple of conservatives could take.

One likes to argue and I’ve told him that I considered his behavior trolling. The other I actually deleted from my email some years ago when he sent this mass email about his delusions about taxes and Nancy Pelosi. You know, the kind of email that Snopes can dissect in 15 seconds. Anyway they both dived on this Facebook post and I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I don’t mind if people hold a different point of view from mine. Hell, I live in a very red corner of a very red state so I have a thick skin. But I consider my Facebook page mine. I don’t go over to other people’s pages and get into pissing matches with them so I think it is reasonable to expect the same. But conservatives never think about this shit. They drink a couple of weak beers while watching Faux News and then think it’s their duty to evangelize. And there’s nothing more annoying than evangelical zealots. So I unfriended both of them after deleting their posts. I suppose the mature stance would have been to just let bygones be bygones. Screw maturity. I always say that life is too short to drink bad beer. And it’s too damn short to put up with trolls as well.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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