Anthems, Part IV.

A while ago I wrote about the need to wander and travel. As Zeppelin songs go, this one is quintessential. Nothing was as grand, as transcendent as this. Lyrically, this song is a bit of a travelogue but yet something more. As Robert Plant said, it was “about the whole idea of life being an adventure and being a series of illuminated moments.”

I’ve known far too many people who are not only provincial in their travels, but provincial in their thinking. Intellectual curiosity is not limited to the very young. It is a way of life and if you stop being curious, stop being adventurous, a significant part of you dies. So rather than let your brain go gently into that good night, seize the initiative and keep searching. Let the sun beat down upon your face, let the stars fill your dreams.

Personal Anthem #4, Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

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