Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

At the time of this writing I am crusted with dirt and sweat but I feel fulfilled. I feel I did a little bit of real work today. There’s still some farmer in my blood. And now begins the long wait for the payoff.

This morning I mowed the front and back lawn, then did a lot of digging and pulling of weeds. After lunch I went after the patches of soil on the south and west side of the house that I dug up last week. I’ve been working at getting all the weeds and roots pulled out. So I raked and hoed all through it, pulling out rocks and roots, the last stubborn weeds. Then I put the peas, beans, and carrots in the longest patch. The photo just shows the start of it, it goes on for about six or seven feet. There’s another spot where I planted squash. Under our bedroom window I planted four o’clocks and lavender. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to bring rain which will get all of this off to a good start.

We live far enough north that actually these plants aren’t planted too late. A couple years ago we planted veggies at the end of June and except for some carrots that got overwhelmed by the peonies everything matured. These won’t be ready by August but with a little weeding and a lot of water it should be a bumper crop.

And now I gotta shower and have a bottle of Two Hearted. Maybe two of ’em.

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