Though I Must Admit…

Though I Must Admit...

…I have said “Engage” in a Picard voice while starting a trip.

I have reached a point where the light at the end of the tunnel is as bright as the sun. There are four chapters and maybe an epilogue left for this book and then this draft is complete. I should be just under the magical 120,000 word count mark when it’s all written and done.

I found a 3500 word chapter that I dearly loved and I killed it.  While it was intriguing and a glimpse into one of the antagonists, it did not HAVE to be in the book. So I moved it to book two where it no doubt will be revised into something else. The last few days I have been moving up and down the entire book, making changes to the plot because I decided to augment one aspect of the menace to my players and there’s still some of that fiddling to do this week. Then I’ll be off to the races to finish those last chapters and tighten the screws so my characters feel the pain. If I do it right, the reader should be quite concerned for the fate of these people. It may not be a Red Wedding, but there will be cause for alarm. Fun for me, torture for my readers because that’s the way we roll in Grimdark.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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