The Guitar is Still a Harsh Mistress

The Guitar is a Harsh Mistress

So Jerol, how’s the guitar playing going? Well, Jerol, I’m glad you asked. It is the most frustrating/rewarding thing I have ever experienced since starting to play golf. And if you’ve ever played golf, you now have an exact understanding of the process.

It’s been very slow and I need to dedicate more time to it. I’ve been sitting down and working through scales a few times a week, and then moving on to doing a few chords. Some nights those chords sound great and others they sound like ass. I have a hard time getting these old fingers to work the way they should and I have yet to get to the point where the muscle memory takes over.

I did find some decent instructional videos on YouTube. There’s this Australian guy named Justin who explains things fairly well so I’m sticking with him for the time being. His vids are short enough for my attention span, the graphics are clean, and suggestions seem to work.

At this point I need to stop staring at chord notations, memorize them, and just play chords until they feel natural. Then I can jump to switching chords and hopefully my musicality will increase. Because I really do want to get farther along with this. It nags at me, it drives me. And so I’ll get there as fast as these old fingers will let me.

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