Stop Playing Your Acoustic Guitar

Every time I hear the Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons, I now think of this. Because it’s all so earnest, and white, and drained of every ounce of piss and vinegar. Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan are both as old as dirt and I think they could kick the crap out of these snot noses in a heartbeat.

This has been Jerol is a Grumpy Old Man and Get Off My Lawn Rant #342. Transcripts may be ordered from your NPR station.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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2 Responses to Stop Playing Your Acoustic Guitar

  1. Rant #342 has legs, Jerol.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    We saw Peter, Paul, and Mary several years ago at the Mall of America. They were promoting a kids album and most of the music was aimed toward children. There was a guy about ten years older than me standing next to me. About near the end of their set he said, “It’s great seeing them again but it just doesn’t have the fire.” I’m not much of a folkie but I knew what he was talking about. And then BAM: “If I Had a Hammer”, “Blowing in the Wind”, and some other boomer anthem that had everyone singing at the top of their lungs, with Mary launching into a chant on peace, love, etc. I turned to the guy and he just smiled.

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