Send Putin and the IOC a Message, Sign the Petition

If you haven’t been keeping up, the Russian government has instituted some harsh new anti-gay policies. Let’s call a turd a turd, it’s a pogrom. This is picking out a minority as a scapegoat to keep a regime in power. Nothing more, nothing less. Homophobia is pretty common in Eastern Europe and Putin is instituting this to ride the wave. This isn’t to ensure “traditional Russian values”, this is to give Vlad’s ruling class a raison d’etre. And any regime that stoops to such behavior deserves condemnation and sure as hell doesn’t deserve to host the Winter Olympics.

Moving this back to Vancouver is certainly workable. Almost all the venues are still up and functioning. It would be a pain in the ass but it would work. I am certain that the Russians would use this to show how decadent and wrong the West is and no, it wouldn’t change their behavior. This is not to act as a deterrent. It is a punishment.

In general, petitions like this don’t work. BUT what does work is the good ol’ American dollar. If Coca Cola, McDonalds, and every other major advertiser starts getting cold feet about this they’ll tell those corrupt bastards at the International Olympic Committee. And the only, ONLY THING, the IOC understands is money. That’s their raison d’etre (I’m sorry, I’ll stop using that term now).  That will make them move this show to Canada faster than you can say under-the-table-bribe. 

So take the link above, follow the article to the bottom of the page, and click on petition link. Sign it. And then send it to everyone you know. Post it on Facebook, on Twitter, wherever you get mileage. We can do this. We can do this. 

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