The King has Risen

The King has Risen

Hodge, benevolent ruler of Ber Manor, King of Cats and first of his name, had fallen ill. He was losing weight and appetite over the last couple weeks, his eyes started sinking. Given that this was how his mother started down her road to her end, we were worried that he had gotten cancer. So Thursday we took him in to the vet to get the bad news.

First of all he was dehydrated and underweight. They took a blood sample, looked at the numbers, and determined he was quite anemic. When they finally got some urine out of him and ran a urinalysis, they determined his kidneys were in trouble. OK, so not cancer but not exactly an easy fix either. He was hospitalized for two nights and today, when his blood work showed his white and red cells were marching back towards normal, we could take him home. We’ll be giving him an eye dropper of meds twice a day for ten days and administering a subcutaneous IV every other day until we’re out of fluid. Oh, and it’s a special diet of not-very tasty renal food from here on out for our bad boy. But he’s home, he’s recover, and the rest of the beasts know they won’t lose their alpha any time soon.

The photo above is Hodge and Jasper snuggling up on a winter’s day. Even though Jasper is the older one, he’s pretty dependent on Hodge. He is prone to panic attacks if he wakes up and finds Hodge not in the same room. So these last couple days have seen the big cat stalking the halls, looking for his buddy. Well, they’ve seen each other now and Jasper has settled down. Hodge is out walking around the back lawn, grateful to see the green grass again. I suspect tonight he will crash and crash hard. He couldn’t have slept well the last couple nights. But he’s home and we all couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Dr, Sorenson at Western Vet Clinic and her staff for seeing our boy through. His kingdom is once more at peace

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