Oh I’m sleeping under strange strange skies

Oh I'm sleeping under strange strange skies

I am sleeping poorly these summer days. It takes a long time for me to crash and I always wake up around four or five am. Then it takes a couple hours before I fall back to sleep. I am thankful that I am no longer doing the eight to four life because it would be killing me.

I have been sleeping pretty well in the last several months. But summer is always difficult for me. Maybe my biorhythms get off or it’s just the noises in the night. We sleep with the windows open and the truck traffic off the highway is a constant, even though the construction has slowed them down. Last night there was strange noises coming off the railroad tracks. They’re switching out the ties by the grain elevators and do most of the work at night. Whatever it was it forced me to sleep in the man cave and I woke far too early.

Today I’m writing in the living room. It’s good to let the big stereo blaze away while I’m working on the book. It obliterates just about any distraction. I can type pretty well on the laptop but I have yet to find the optimal position on the couch. These are trivial problems though. I am happy just being able to spend an afternoon working on my book rather than punching the clock (and my face repeatedly). Right now I’ve got the Stones blaring Midnight Mile and Mick just sang the lyric in the title of the post. It seems most appropriate for me.

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