All is Well, Just Been Busy

All is Well, Just Been Busy

Here’s a photo taken when the Great Ones walked the earth, pillaging and playing 3 hour shows.

We had to go out this morning for a little shopping. We needed to stock up on food that Hodge could eat within the parameters of his diet and yet, didn’t suck. When he was released we were given some Science Diet K/D. I knew what was coming because after a lifetime of owning cats I can tell you Science Diet food is going to get rejected just on the principle that all cats think it tastes like ass. And this is from a creature that licks its own ass. So yeah, Hodge didn’t like it and this is a cat that needs to put on a little weight.

Now Hodge has about $80 worth of Royal Canin Kidney food and we’ll cross our fingers that he likes it. If he could speak he’d probably tell us it’s far better than Science Diet. Right now the cat in question is outside, having just been pumped full of his subcutaneous drip. I am not sure what he is doing out there but he’s going to need that fluid. It’s in the mid 80s at this moment and it’s climbing towards 90. This weekend could see the rare triple digit number. It’s that dry August heat that farmers out here love because it ripens and dries the crops out. So I hope it keeps up for a while.

I picked up a couple sixes of Bells Two Hearted this morning as well. I’ve been getting low on beer and won’t get a major resupply until we get to Fargo in a couple weeks. In this kind of heat, nothing beats an IPA with some bite. Tomorrow I’ll grill brats under the blazing sun and suds will be required to give me strength.

So have a good weekend and enjoy the summer weather wherever you be. Because winter will be coming before you know it and these are the memories that will sustain us. Like a cold ale on a hot day.

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