You Know What Else They Don’t Make Anymore Like They Used To?

Trippy, druggy blues rock like this. Oh, and little James Dewar had the most soulful white blues voice this side of Paul Rodgers and Gregg Allman. Robin Trower of course made one of the finest fish faces in rock.

This morning I pulled down the paneling on two walls downstairs. Some of it was easy but some of it was a real beast. Ever tried to move a piano whose castors are frozen chunks of rust? It’s a real hernia maker. When I got to the panels in the ping-pong room I got this musty, stagnant stench coming at me with each panel I pulled off the wall. I have a feeling this basement is going to smell as fresh as spring rain once I get all these panels and ceilings down.

My carpal tunnel in my right hand is throbbing,a lake of sweat is now drying under my t-shirt, and of course my back is stiff. I woke up at six thirty this morning because hey, it’s summer and I can’t sleep worth a damn. But I have a heady sense of accomplishment and now I will spend the afternoon applying it to my writing. Have a good Monday.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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