Hodge updated

Hodge updated

Today, he’s a little down. I guess that can be expected. His appetite is better but still could be a little more enthusiastic. He is really fussy. Some days the kidney diet food is appealing to him and other days he just nibbles at the other cats’ food. I think I’m going to serve some tuna tonight before he gets his subcutaneous fluid. Then we might see some gusto.

He has been going outside on a regular basis, which he had stopped doing when we had him hospitalized. Last night I had to pick him up and carry his ass in because he wanted to stay out. I like to get all the livestock inside by 10:00 pm.

We knew this was going to be a long haul but we’re ready for it. When it comes to our pets, we always go the extra mile. So Hodge will keep getting IV bags until they’re all gone and I’ll keep mashing up mixtures of K/D and regular cat food to bulk him back up. I think what we’re doing will work but even if it doesn’t, I want to know we did everything we could.

This photo was taken just a minute before starting this post. It’s hot and humid outside, but inside the air conditioner is pumping cool air into every room. Jasper and Hodge are crashed together, as always. Here’s to hoping this relationship will go on for a few more years.

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