I was Told I Could Listen to the Radio at a Reasonable Volume

I was Told I Could Listen to the Radio at a Reasonable Volume

For most of my career in offices, I have listened to music. For one thing, it blocks out everything around me and that’s important for someone as easily distracted as me. Music helps me block the outside world, the conversations and inane babble, not to mention other coworkers horrible tastes in music. At my last office job I had a couple coworkers who streamed country stations through their PCs. Now there’s a hell on earth.

The other reason I play music at work is because I am a fanatic. There’s always a ridiculous amount of music on my computer because my mood and taste jumps around at a frantic pace. I might be in the mood for some indie band, then jump to jazz, then over to metal, then just some stomping gritty blues rock. And that’s just in the morning.

Click on the photo of Milton and you’ll be taken to an NPR story on music in the workplace. And my sympathies if you have to listen to the music of others at your job. Or had to listen to mine…

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