Et tu, Samsung

Et tu, Samsung

My laptop has been having trouble connecting to the Internet of late. I’ve been reduced to running the trouble-shooter two to three times before it catches the WiFi and establishes a tenuous connection. Enraged and infuriated, I contacted Samsung customer support.

Now I know how this works. They find the easiest solution, suggest it, and end the live chat. So I usually have everything prepped before they start “I tried Samsung update, yes all my Microsoft drivers are up to date, yes my router works fine on all other devices.” This pisses them off but fuck that. I’ve worked customer service and no one is your friend on either end of the string.

The second unfortunate I dealt with today (meaning the first one punted as quick as they could) suggested I do a reset. Reset wipes all the apps but leaves the files. I don’t like that but after pressuring the poor sap, it’s all he had. So I did it and then sat down in front of the Bison game to get the laptop back to normal. So I spent a good couple hours restoring apps and order to my laptop but by the time the Bison were finishing stomping FSU face first into the turf at the Dome, the intenet connection faded again. I was furious.

In comes the third unfortunate to deal with me. I slapped down all the information, including the details on the previous live chat, serial #s, all the history in one copy+paste that made their eyes blue. And the bastard said his only solution was for me to reset back to factory settings.

Now I expect a certain amount of bad customer service. I mean this guy is sitting in front of a terminal with his chai tea, hoping his shift will end soon. That’s what we are reduced to these days. But that’s a lazy solution. Someone in Samsung knows what driver is failing here and they either haven’t told the support desk the issue, or they haven’t figured it out at all. But far be it that anyone would level with me. So that was when I suggested that the entire corporation do something that would be physically impossible even if Mitt Romney was right and corporations were people. And then I ended the chat.

But I am resetting it back to zero. There is no other option. All the files are backed up. I have all the passwords to every program and enhancement I have downloaded. It just would take a ridiculous amount of time. Yes, I do have time but it is still time WASTED. So I will rebuild. But I will never buy Samsung again.

My good friend Jambo would argue that I should have gone with a Mac but I researched this. The Mac’s stats weren’t as good, the memory inadequate, and the price about $1200 higher. Plus it wouldn’t run the games I have. So that’s not an option.

So I am an unhappy customer and I am going to scream it to the mountain tops. I like to think I can work around most computer problems. Hell, I made Windows 8 work. But when there is something physically wrong with a unit I expect some support, which I did not get. And mark my words Samsung, I will have vengeance upon thee.

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One Response to Et tu, Samsung

  1. suevee says:

    Note to self: never buy a Samsung anything again.

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