Et tu, Microsoft

Really, despite all the grousing of late I am a happy person. See this video. I’m happy.

I have restored the WiFi capability on my laptop, despite Samsung’s ineptitude. I had another live chat with yet another unfortunate. He admitted that the suggestion to reset the entire unit back to factory settings was a lazy one. Oh, tell me something I didn’t know. Something in the LAN driver was not doing its job but I got it repaired after the machine reset. Then I spent all the rest of Sunday watching football and loading data (music, video, games, software). The only thing I can’t replicate is Windows Media Center.

I did have it on the laptop but the reset wiped it. Microsoft has now packaged the WMC into a $100 Windows 8 Pro package and you can no longer download it. That’s pretty shortsighted of them but hey, it’s Microsoft. Shortsighted is just another day at the office. Hide your most popular media program behind a paywall no one wants. Instead of selling more units of 8 Pro it just drives people to XBMC or PLEX. And that’s what I’ll be doing.

But the laptop is working again, it’s downloading Dragon Age Origins (I am working on all the games now). And I’m happy. Really, I’m happy.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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