Jasper is now being somewhat attended by Sneakers. Or vice versa. Trying to figure out the internal politics of the cats in this house is sort of like…herding cats. But this is what I think is going on here.

Maine Coons are pretty sociable as cats go. They like to form a pride, to hang with each other. Now Jasper was the least friendly to Sneakers when Sneaks came to town a year ago. He is the most rigid of all our cats, the least amenable to change. After many months, the two of them achieved a reluctant peace. Hodge was a lover and had very little issues with Sneakers. This summer they often took their afternoon naps in our bedroom, sometimes on the same bed, sometimes with Hodge in the dog bed. Once Hodge left this world, Sneakers started jumping up on the bed in the Man Cave, taking Hodge’s spot. What I think is happening is that now that Hodge is gone, Sneakers is expecting Jasper to step up and be his friend. Jasper is a little cranky but is really missing Hodge and is welcome to another cat up on the spare bed in the Man Cave. Will this be a winter friendship for the two old geezers, who knows? But it makes me glad to see them trying to adjust to their loss by burying the hatchet.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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