Feel Free to Move About the World

Feel Free to Move About the World

We got two priority mail envelopes from the US Gov’t. In our experience, this is usually not a good thing. Of course, ADHD addled idjit that I am, I had forgotten about our passport applications and this was indeed what was inside. My photo is especially hideous and no doubt will keep border guards chuckling for years.

In the near future we’ll be using these for running up to Canada. As I have noted on these pages, crossing back into the US is an extreme hassle without these. The border patrol seems to be stacked to the brim these days with John Wayne wannabes with small peckers and even shorter tempers. We’re middle-aged Caucasians, the lowest difficulty setting so I’d hate to see how they act towards younger and darker.

Eventually we will return to Europe. We’d like to see our Swedish son and his new wife, visit friends in Switzerland, take Carjo to the Fatherland, and we have family living in Bulgaria. This might actually take two trips. But no matter, because now we have the paperwork to do it. Excelsior!

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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