And the Scent of Pumpkin is in the Air

And the Scent of Pumpkin is in the Air

The image above is one of my favorite autumn-themed wallpapers. I’ll post another at the end of this post. If you want the full size one, let me know by the usual means.

It is indeed fall. We drove to Fargo this weekend and the leaves are finally turning. With the distractions and duties of summer fading, we’re ready to dive into fall. I’ll string orange lights on the shrubs outside, the skeleton is already hanging from the lamp post, and Carjo has the first stew of the season in the crock pot. I am closing in on the the end of this book, battling a couple sticky chapters (and my ADHD inspired procrastination). The cats are now coming inside when the sun sets, chased in by colder temperatures and lured by the promise of warm beds. I took the hedge trimmer and buzzed down several plants that needed trimming. And like a moth drawn to a warm flame, I’ve found myself reading again. Between now and April I’ll burn through my book pile like a hermit in the Yukon goes through a cord of firewood.

We saw some of my old friends from grade school/high school this weekend. It was fun, reliving past escapades and comparing notes on life itself, catching up on where we all are on the backside of fifty. Carjo and I hit Costco in West Fargo, getting stocked up for the winter. And I went to Bridgeview Liquor in Moorhead, which is definitely the best purveyor of micro brews outside of the Twin Cities. I now have enough Surly, Founders, and Oktoberfest to get me through the next months. So it was a good trip and even though I am in pain from driving the Mercury Land Yacht that far, the memory will last far longer than the throbbing in my legs.

So I welcome the change of seasons. Football is in full swing, baseball is in playoff mode, there’s new TV shows (Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, and S.H.I.E.L.D. are the standouts for me), movies in the theater have a little more gravitas, and we both feel a renewed sense of purpose. So welcome autumn, stay awhile. Because even though your colder sibling grows impatient, it can wait. It can wait.

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