It’s Vewwy Vewwy Spoookeee

It's Vewwy Vewwy Spoookeee

I put up our orange lights on the shrubs outside. It only took an hour or so because 5 strands were shot so I couldn’t tackle the tall pine. That one will have to wait until we can get to Target and buy new lights. But it looks good and I have a sense of accomplishment. Carjo has a pumpkin/gourd assortment on the front step and I believe that I have already noted the skeleton waving in the breeze from the lamp post.

I like getting this all done well before Halloween. Today is sunny and somewhat warm but we’re in for some possible white and wet stuff this weekend. It’s always a good feeling to watch the snow fall knowing that you’ve gotten your outdoor chores done. I’ll toast mine with a glass of Oktoberfest and sit down to suffer through a marathon of Ghost Adventures with my wife. Think of me as you watch something decent.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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2 Responses to It’s Vewwy Vewwy Spoookeee

  1. brad says:

    Oh, come now-you should enjoy seeing Zak flex his biceps in every shot!

    I think the witch picture should be an annual event. I’m still fond of last year’s pic.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    To watch Ghost Adventures properly, you have to take a drink anytime someone says “Dude, wait, or whoa”. You’ll never be able to stand after two episodes.

    I’ll have to bring back last year’s witch at some point. She was seriously naughty.

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