Time to Bear Down

Time to Bear Down

I’ve been walking outside for my exercise but it’s time to get cracking on the treadmill. It takes a little more motivation to do that and promising myself I’ll look like Conan the Barbarian when I’m done isn’t enough. I’ve somewhat tamed my urge to snack, am drinking more water, and am doing better at portion control. But what really helps me lost weight is combining all that with some serious sweat. So it is time to move it indoors and get up on the treadmill. Of course this may be distressing to my spousal unit, because the treadmill is in her office and I play the iPod a bit too loud. And by too loud I mean it leaks like a sieve through the headphones. Tough. I can’t burn any mileage without a pounding beat in my ears, preferring a beat that is anchoring giant slabs of guitar. That’s what she gets for marrying a rocker.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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One Response to Time to Bear Down

  1. Suevee says:

    You are funny, honey. Good job on the water and stuff. It’s hard starting new habits, good ones that is. To your sweat! Rock on!

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