It’s the Victory on the Farm March

It's the Victory on the Farm March

…and if you get the reference in that title you truly win a prize.

My garden was a miserable, wretched piece of ground this year. The snow peas never came up because Sneakers used their bed as a litter box. The green beans were sparse and hard. The zucchini looked promising but the skins, even when sauteed, were like plate armor. And when I checked on the carrots in mid-August, they were minuscule and without promise.

It was a strange growing season out here and most farmers in the area will agree. Harvest just finished around here and that’s about a month late. I know there are gardens around town that did well but those were under the care of people that had been doing it for decades. There was no hope for an amateur like me. I watered and weeded to no avail.

Yesterday I dug everything up because that’s what you do this time of year. The greens on the carrots had grown quite a bit but I was convinced that what was under there was as shriveled as John Boehner’s balls. And what I pulled out was a small but decent bounty of carrots. I tasted one and while it wasn’t sweet, it was as good as anything I could get at the store.

So my adventure in gardening wasn’t a total waste of time. This means that we’ll be trying again next year. Who knows, maybe I can even squash to grow.

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2 Responses to It’s the Victory on the Farm March

  1. Doug Montgomery says:

    I watched Rowan and Martin’s Laugh – In in the late 1960s. Arte Johnson sang “Victory on the Farm March” on the show one week. I still have the LP (vinyl record) with the song.

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