In Which the Hosts Recover

My brother, his family, and dog were here for a couple days. A couple of the cats were not thrilled by the notion of having a golden retriever pounding around the house. Sneakers and Jasper got the dog’s number within twelve hours and placed the giant under their thumbs for the rest of the visit.

It was a nice visit. My brother got to see all the work we’ve done on the house. Last night we had my cousin the Singing Farmer, and his wife, the Singing Speech Coach, over. Carjo cooked a massive Chinese dinner. Adult beverages were consumed, tales were told, it was fun.

But we’re a couple of introverts and being “on” for a couple days is taxing. So today, as our guests are on their way back to the Twin Cities, Carjo is recuperating with a nap while I check in here. I’ve washed a few loads of bedding, towels, and rugs, washed the dishes, and straightened up. Jasper is back on top of his cradle, surveying his world while Sneakers makes sure that the back yard is secure. While it is cold, Daniel and Arya are hunting the dwindling supply of birds and mice. I’ll probably fall asleep watching football.

I’m in kind of a late 60s mood so here’s a bit of melancholy from the Band’s second album. And it sets a nice mood for a cold fall day. Stay warm my friends.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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