It’s Not Clean Until It’s Clorox Clean

It's Not Clean Until It's Clorox Clean

This week I began the scouring of the basement. The cinder block walls in the old rec room and what we called the ping-pong room are plagued with black mold. In the past I’ve just sprayed bleach solution on it and beaten the filth back. But now I’m aiming for a more permanent solution to all the basement’s ills.

When my brother was back last weekend, we carried up all the old paneling that I had stripped off the studs. This morning I carried up the foam ceiling tiles and threw them in the garage. I didn’t notice it when they were piled up in the basement but they did reek of mold and mildew. So with all that out of the way it was time for BLEACH.

Two days ago I took a huge spray bottle loaded with a bleach/water solution and sprayed every mold spore in the ping-pong room. Today I filled an old litter pan with water, added bleach, and went to it with a brush with a long handle. I scrubbed the walls, working each square of cinder block and then scrubbed down the outside of the old Kelvinator that I keep my beer in. The room reeks of bleach now but that’s actually an improvement.

I’ll let it dry out and see what survives that assault. Then I’ll move my battle to the rec room. Once everything is mold free I will paint the worst spots with Kilz and then paint all the walls with Drylok. At some point this winter, the Boys from Fargo will come with a concrete saw and we’ll set up sump pumps. At that point, victory can be claimed.

So now I’m going to run downtown to the Post Office. After lunch I’ve got about three thousand feverish fiends and one deranged god that need killing if my novel is to get finished. I should be soaked in blood when that’s all done. Which is better than being soaked in bleach.

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