Here There be Dragons and Fierce Beasts

Here There be Dragons and Fierce Beasts

This is Pippin’s Halloween costume. It’s a snug fit and while he tolerated it, it wasn’t his favorite. He also got bored with the endless stream of kids coming to our door and just laid on the couch, watching The Pit and the Pendulum with Carjo.

Turner Movie Classics was running a Vincent Price/Roger Corman marathon last night. It seemed to be the best bet for the evening’s entertainment once the kids stopped coming to the door.

I love the cinematography from those 50s/60s movies, especially the epic ones. There’s a luster to those colors that we just don’t see anymore. I feel an old movie binge coming on. Netflix/Amazon Prime are there to assist me. Have a great weekend.

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3 Responses to Here There be Dragons and Fierce Beasts

  1. KW says:

    Pippin’s costume is hysterical! Hope he got a special treat for wearing it. Vincent Price/Roger Corman were a great team, although not sure yet what I think about The Raven.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    I really want to find the cheesy one where Price is floating in a chair, dueling with some other magician. I saw one clip and it was so saturated with a Velveeta-like substance I must now see the entire move.

  3. jeroljohnson says:

    Oh hell ass damn. It is The Raven where he floats in the chair. This one falls under the category “so bad it’s good”.

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