Of Guns, Gears, and Ghosts

Of Guns, Gears, and Ghosts

The painting above is my current computer desktop. I’ve downloaded a few new steampunk wallpapers. I find images inspirational for writing, even now while I am not writing. This book might have some steampunk notions to it. No steam submarines at least, but I will have some wicked airships further along. So I like to gaze on scenes like this for inspiration. Besides, wallpapers like this are far less exasperating to my wife than my collection of women with bared buttocks.

But this post is not about my preferences in prurience. We’re here to talk about writing and what I’m doing right now. Yesterday I was reading about exorcising evil things, like sentences beginning with “It.” Exciting stuff but that’s how I we take care of bidness in the man cave. This morning I remembered the name I wanted to use for my elementals: spectrals. It’s an old term for ghost but it will also work for my purposes and my spectrals are going to be pretty wraith-like any way.

I spent the morning doing miscellaneous cleaning in the basement and tearing out the old TV antenna wiring. Two of the cats were intent on supervising but I was able to get them outside and thus out of my way. For lunch we went to the new barbecue shack outside of town and then drove out to the farm for a quick picnic. The dog got to wander the farm. And now I’m reading more editing guides, surrounded by sleeping cats. I think Carjo is actually on her computer, which might be the first time in a couple weeks and has no doubt found that another relative has gone over the deep end with politics. She’s gonna need some white wine when this is over. And me, I’ll just ponder how to rewrite every instance of “there was” or “there were”. This may drive me to drink as well.

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  1. S.A. Laminak says:

    I have this picture on my phone! 🙂

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