Despite the Pelting Rain

Despite the Pelting Rain

This is another of the steampunk wallpapers I was writing about. I like how the gentleman in the middle, despite the pelting rain, pauses to take in all the marvels about him.

We had rain this morning and are expecting a little more. It kept the cats disgruntled for a while. I told them that at least it wasn’t snow but they didn’t appreciate my perspective.

I am getting rained on in a metaphorical sense. I am trying to blitzkrieg my way through a plethora of research materials and writing guides but there is just pages and pages of the stuff that I want to go through. I like to think that I have all the major writing faux pas drilled out of my system but there’s always a few that creep out of nowhere. For example, one chapter begins with a character waking up and that is an unforgivable cliche. That’s got to be rewritten. The opening chapter fails to provide much action to propel a reader forward so I am rethinking that. I want to sift through the Writing Excuses podcasts and that’s going to take a lot of time. And there’s umpteen jobs to get done around the house before the snows are here for good. So I am treading water as fast as I can.

The movie Gravity has finally reached the small town theater just down the road from us. So the plan is to go to it tomorrow night. We need a little break from our routine and that will be a good one.

But I need to get back to work. Sneakers and Jasper are sprawled out on the bed behind me, the wind is picking up again, the sky is clouded over. I must proceed, despite the rain.

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