On Things Both Apple and Non-Apple

On Things Both Apple and Non-Apple

It is time for a technology update. Besides, it will take my mind off the problems with the furnace.

I have installed, updated, and updated again iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad. I mastered it pretty quick and failed to see what all the fuss and commotion were about. The only app that was unduly affected was Pages and I played with it until it behaved. Pages is really the only app I do anything somewhat serious on. Right now it holds the big document that has all the rewrite notes I need and I like to go over it while Carjo is watching marathons of true crime shows, ghost adventures, and bridal gown shopping. I cannot tell you which of those is more frightening. But the iPad still remains more of an e-reader and internet surfer than a substitute for computing. I could write on it but there are hoops to jump through to do that so why do that when I have the PC and the laptop.

Speaking of the Samsung, it underwent its own OS transformation. The Windows 8.1 is a massive improvement over Windows 8. The new Start button is close enough of a return to the old that I can work with it. I have gotten the laptop’s inability to hold onto our WiFi cured and now it accesses it without fuss. I am still impressed with the graphics. I watched a couple TV shows on it and the picture was better than my PC.

Speaking of my PC, it’s a good thing the laptop is doing well. Windows was really acting up for a while and that’s odd because Windows 7 is as stable as a concrete block. I suspect that something with the processor is going bad and eventually it will crap out. The CD/DVD player has issues as well. I picked up this PC at a Dell closeout so it’s short lifespan is not exactly a surprise. It it dies a soon death I have the laptop to fall back on. It it last longer than a year I’ll replace it with another, better machine.

So there’s my mundane update. I need to warm my fingers and get back to work. I have decided that the prologue to the book needs to be sliced open, vital organs removed, and then resuscitated as an opening chapter. It will just open the book better, it kicks things off with more action, and prologues are a bit cliched. But like the laptop and iPad, I’ve got it figured out. Heating repair is still beyond me though.

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2 Responses to On Things Both Apple and Non-Apple

  1. Ha Ha! Writing of mass distraction from that furnace.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    Yeah, it was pretty eponymous of me.

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