Advice Taken Mr. Gaiman

Advice Taken Mr. Gaiman

Here’s an update on where I am with my sabbatical from actual writing. I have finished reviewing my 70 page list of things to watch for in my rewrite. Many of the issues in this list were things that are perils that I was already aware of and took pains to avoid. But there were some that were had not occurred to me.  I stand corrected and educated. Now I feel like I’m almost ready to get back in the saddle.

The plan now is to do a little more background research while I let some problems with the book percolate on the back burner. That should take about a week or so. Then it’s off to dissect those first few chapters and then the rest. My hope is to have it all done by Christmas but we’ll see. I’m also going to designate a lot of time to researching agents and drafting a wicked query. Queries are tough and something I want to get perfect. In terms of agents, I just want someone that deals with fantasy fiction, is looking for new clients, and has experience working with the big houses. I have no delusions about landing a seven figure advance but I want this book to land in the hands of someone that will give it their best shot. And no, no, no. I will not go the self-publishing route.

What’s wrong with self-publishing? Well, except for a couple extreme exceptions, it is both limiting and a dead end. If you are self-published, the big boys and girls in NYC won’t even consider looking at the book. Yes, there have been a couple that have made the jump but the odds are about the same as the lottery. If you self-publish, it is highly likely you’ll never see your books on the shelves of a bookstore. And while I have a moderate ego, I still want to see my book in print, sitting on a shelf.

To me, self-publishing is like the person that goes into a batting cage and sets the machine to throw 90+. If they hit one out of four balls into fair territory they can say, “I could handle major league pitching.” Which is bullshit because there’s a dozen other factors, including the fact that you have no clue what the hell that major league pitcher is going to throw and how that ball is going to move. Saying you are a published author because you published yourself is sort of like that. Yeah, you got that book into print or e-format. You might have even gone with Amazon’s self-publishing wing so you could at least sell it on Amazon. Resulting of course in being one of millions doing the same. Me, I want to know if I can truly hit major league pitching. I don’t have to hit a grand slam but I damn well would like to dig in at the plate, face that pitcher down, and get a real base hit. So for now, it’s the big leagues or nothing at all. I think Mr. Gaiman would agree.

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