And Here We Go

Time’s up. I’m plunging back in. It has been three weeks since I finished what I call “the complete draft”. I’ve reviewed a fair amount of insights into the writing process, treatises on world building, a catalog of things that should never occur in fantasy fiction, and suggestions for rewriting. Some things are obvious to me now.

The book doesn’t open strong enough. The prologue is getting axed – it’s too long and while it ends with some pretty good action it’s not plunging the reader into what is going on in the story. It doesn’t set up the stakes, what’s at risk. My opening chapter does not have any action at all but is a good introduction to our heroine. It’s getting moved back a space. Instead, I will open either with the gods returning or something else with significant action.

See, there has to be blood on the floor in the first chapter, or even opening paragraph. The current opening moves too slow. I’ll keep all those chapters introducing main characters but the opening has to have higher action and the stakes have to be set. So I am off to figure this out.

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