And the Dreamworld is Infinite Although it is Bounded on Every Side.

And the Dreamworld is infinite although it is bounded on every side.

I hope for the Sandman to visit me tonight but it’s going to be a struggle. For some reason my insomnia has been plaguing me again. I toss and turn forever before falling into a light sleep, I awake between four and five am, and if I do sleep through the night I can still barely get to seven without waking up.

As I write this, the light of my life is totally asleep and though she complains of waking up off and on through the night, she’ll get her eight hours. Eight hours is a luxury I rarely enjoy. Last night I took some of that wretched Zquil and it took about an hour and a half to kick in. Then I woke just before five am, let the dog out at six, and finally drifted back to sleep by seven, not waking until ten. That doesn’t contribute to a productive day. And now here it is, counting down towards midnight and I am wide awake. Dreamland seems a world away.

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2 Responses to And the Dreamworld is Infinite Although it is Bounded on Every Side.

  1. Man, insomia sucks. I hope you figure out what’s keeping you up and manage to get it under control. Is Zquil a sleeping medication? I tried Lunesta once, back when I was having serious issues with insomia. All that did was make me feel drugged, and the next day I had a terrible aftertaste in my mouth.

    • jeroljohnson says:

      Zzzquil is from the same distillery that makes Nyquil. I imagine they finally figured out that some people take Nyquil just to knock themselves out and this would give you the knockout punch without the cold meds.

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