Sisters, Sisters There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Sisters, Sisters  There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

This is Arya and Sansa, who were taking a little siesta last night on the bed downstairs. Until last night, this bed was covered with plastic. Arya had gotten into the strange habit of taking naps on a dirty rug on the basement floor. Sansa, because she adores Arya, would often join her on the rug. Keep in mind this is a basement with the heat vents closed up; the floor and outer walls are cold concrete. This is not a cozy hobbit hole. I don’t get it.

Carjo first decided to replace Arya’s rug with a three rug stack that was cleaner and probably a softer bed. In less than an hour, Arya found that stack and somehow crawled between the folds of the top rug, and crashed. I pointed this out to my wife who decided that it could be improved on. She pulled the plastic drop cloth off the bed in the room next to it and covered it with all of Arya’s rugs. Sometimes cats will reject the bed you make for them but Arya was ecstatic. Then Sansa jumped up to join her and they stayed there, in the cold, in the pitch black, until ten pm, when I turned on the lights to take this photo and carried them upstairs. They truly are children of Winterfell and that’s a little scary.

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