Writing Down the Gals

Writing Down the Gals

While rewriting, it occurred to me that the book opens with three chapters each introducing female characters. I’m adding foibles and textures, getting things right. The photo above is a perfect example of how to get it right and how to be oh so wrong.

I have not read any Twilight books and have no intention of reading them. But I have read Harry Potter and yeah, Hermoine pretty much stands her ground as a role model. The one thing I can discern from everything I have heard or read about Bella is that it is very important to have a boyfriend.

So here’s a rule for creating a character, especially a female one. Make sure she exists for herself, she makes her own decisions, that her life is not dependent on her need or desire for a man. Oh sure, she can want love but that should not define her. Got it? Good. Now I am going back to work.

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  1. Noreen says:

    A fine female hero that I heard a speaker mention lately is Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (the movie, that is — I’m not sure how much she differed in the book). She was an ordinary, honest, principled girl with no special powers (except she could sing like Judy Garland) who championed the weak and stood up to bullies, even when they terrified her. She even killed the worst, scariest villain, but she was also non-violent so it happened by accident when she was again protecting someone else.

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