A Tedious but Necessary Exercise

Follow the link above and it will take you to an article on the site IO9. The always incomparable Charlie Jane Anders has compiled “4 Danger Signs to Search For, Before Sending Off Your Novel”. I would suggest that anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of writing or editing should check it out. 

Out of the four, eliminating two of them come pretty easily. I have always been predatory towards adverbs and whatever exist in my book are serving a pretty specific chore. I’ve never had much trouble avoiding sentences beginning with “it” either. I do worry about passive voice so I got frantic about searching for “was being” and “were being”. Many offenders were found and all were banished. Which leaves “there was” and “there were”. The later had a few dozen instances but I was frightened to find over a hundred instances of the former. So I am hunting each one down, killing it on the spot unless it is in dialog, and rewriting the passage affected. It is slow, tedious work and I’m one that gets bored very fast. I blame the ADHD of course. Who knows what I will have to do if and when this ends up with a publisher and I have to copy edit. There’s a particular hell that no writer loves. But I am getting ahead of myself. Read Charlie’s article and if you have a work in progress, here’s a great tool to tidy up your precious darlings.

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