44 Below Keeps the Riff-Raff Out

44 Below Keeps the Riff-Raff Out

That was the quote one of North Dakota’s old US Senators used to use when asked about our fierce winters. Of course, everyone is getting a blast of cold this weekend. But it’s still damn cold here.

Last night we went to a high school basketball game at our new gym. When Carjo and I were leaving the gym, it was face-freezing cold, especially into that west wind. I checked the temperatures when we got home and it was minus forty wind chill, and 18 below actual temperature. I just went to the post office and the temperature had just risen back to that level. That’s right, during the night it was far colder. The high today is going to be -16.

The poor dog goes out to do his business but he hasn’t got the smarts to always be quick about it. That’s when his feet start freezing, he whimpers, and starts limping and lifting his paws. One of us usually runs our in our stocking feet and carries him in. In a few minutes he’s back to joyful, mindless dog bliss…until the next time.

Arya and Sansa go near the door but always get buffeted back by the cold when the door opens. The rest of the cats have gone into winter mode. Sneakers and Jasper seek out quilts to lay on, Daniel goes for the sweaters on a closet shelf. Sometimes it’s best to be older and wiser.

I shoveled off the deck, pushing away the snow that had drifted onto it and pushing off the dog turds. There’s no picking up poo in forty below. It can wait. So next time Pippin goes out he might hesitate less choosing his spot. If there is one thing we learn in North Dakota, you have to make decisions fast in this weather, and they better be the right ones. My decision is not go outside again until Monday. Have a good, and warm, weekend.

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One Response to 44 Below Keeps the Riff-Raff Out

  1. I’ve lived in the Midwest and in Alaska and have know the cold. I think North Dakota and Minnesota (and north across the Canadian border) have their own version of cold. In Alaska, people would say something like, it’s 20 degrees, but that’s okay, because it’s 20 above, not 20 below. It will warm up to 16 above in North Dakota someday soon and the dogs will get back out there and you’ll be out there with them appreciating the “warm front.”

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