How I Spent My Winter Morning…

How I Spent My Winter Morning...

…and it’s probable I’ll spend many more the same way.

Last night we were on the edge of a blizzard that nailed a significant portion of the state. This morning I let the dog out and I noticed at least a couple inches of new snow on the deck. I knew then I had my work cut out for me.

The two drifts I get in the driveway when the wind is from the west were already taking root and the front sidewalk was under a six inch blanket. So I took my trusty Hardware Hank shovel and went to it. Somewhere through this process it occurred to me that if I had not been diligent about increasing my endurance on the treadmill I would have ran out of stamina and perseverance in ten minutes. But I could hang in there. My heart rate was definitely elevated and as I type this I am dripping with sweat, but I got it all done in forty minutes. That’s a pretty decent cardio workout. I won’t be hitting the treadmill today.

Writing-wise, I am making progress on the rewrite. I succeeded in my sweep of “there was” and “there were” and am now into chapter five, sweeping out the unnecessary and adding detail/feels were appropriate. It’s steady progress and I’m grateful for that. This won’t be complete by New Years but it will be close. So I leave you now, dripping with sweat but renewed with purpose. Keep shoveling.

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2 Responses to How I Spent My Winter Morning…

  1. Shovel the unnecessary and the snow.

  2. suevee says:

    You go!

    I like the comment by Bruce.

    I’m rooting for you. And you inspire me, my friend.

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