Cats Gone Wild

Cats Gone Wild

We have a feral cat problem. Now we know there are some in this small town but given the amount of pet cats that are allowed to run outside (and our two females are out on the deck right now), it’s hard to tell who’s who. But the three that we have seen many times in the driveway across the street are definitely feral.

We watched them all summer and fall. There’s three of them, all black with white markings. One is larger and one of the small ones has a bad back leg. Anytime my wife has even set foot near them they take off running. And now it is a very cold winter.

On a hunch, my wife called a neighbor that lives in the house next to the one whose driveway we have seen them in. It turned out that the lady of the house has been feeding and watering them the best she can but has had little success in trapping them. We talked to a vet today about what to and he advised us on what kind of traps to use, TNR, etc. Our contractor friend, who lives on the other side of town, has been feeding and trapping feral cats as well. I’m going to enlist his help as well. I cannot imagine how they’ve survived with such little shelter in these temperatures. We’ve had wind chills of -40 already and it’s not going to improve until March. So we need to act. Wish us luck.

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