Out of the Blue

It is quite certain that we are going to have a White Christmas (news alert, 5 below and it’s snowing again) but it is now also certain that we won’t have a blue one. There’s this money issue that has taken over a year to be resolved but it will be done and paid by next week. And we’ll have enough cash for Christmas. That’s as far into it as I will get but it’s a weight off our shoulders here at Ber Manor.

I’m kind of in an Electric Light Orchestra mood today. Last night we saw another trailer for American Hustle and they used ELO’s much under appreciated “10538 Overture” in the background. Look it up, the guitar figure that opens the song is quite memorable. As with all bands, the early work outstrips the later, especially if you took a dive into the disco cesspool like ELO did. But there’s a host of great songs in their catalog and they’re worthy of a revival. And I am indeed revived today, in all respects.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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