But Maybe Everything That Dies, Someday Comes Back

Here’s The Band with their cover of Springsteen’s classic “Atlantic City”. I love this song, in all its versions. Bruce has done it a dozen different ways and The Band takes it in yet another. In another life, at an empty soul-killing job I had the chorus for this song in a scroll that came up as a screen-saver. My manager read it once and hated it. It was likely she didn’t understand it but she knew an act of defiance when she saw one. Maybe I should have posted the lyrics to “Maggie’s Farm”.

Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact
But maybe everything that dies some day comes back
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
And meet me tonight in Atlantic City

I’ve been scanning lists of what music was popular this year and it is overwhelmingly insipid dance pop. But then I look at the lists supplied by NPR or the AVClub and realize that there are still those who make music that matters, that says something about the world we live in. It’s just a little harder to find these days. So listen to Levon Helm sing this like a man on the edge, rolling the dice for one last shot at redemption. At the least it will give you a break from one more lifeless recitation of White Christmas.

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One Response to But Maybe Everything That Dies, Someday Comes Back

  1. The Band did a wonderful cover of this song. No surprise.

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