Happy New Year – It’s a Magical World

Happy New Year - It's a Magical World

Welcome to 2014. To look back, 2013 was a year of advances and retreats for me and Carjo, but still far better than many of our previous years. 2014 is unfolding before us and it promises to be a good year again.

We’re financially stable and we’ve taken steps to keep it that way. I could afford to lose a significant amount of weight but I have managed to curb a couple bad habits and increase my time on the treadmill. The weight loss will come in time. I finished the book (though I’m still fiddling) and am now waiting to hear back from my group of readers. I’ll be spending a lot of time coming up with a decent query letter and a list of agents in the next couple months. I put aside the guitar this fall as I pushed to get the book done. Now it’s time to practice on a more diligent basis. I have made the same resolve for gaming. And I really need to read more. I think I finished just three books this year and that is pathetic. I know I’ll never regain the pace I had in my teens and twenties, but with some proper time management I should be able to up that to at least a book a month.

And last but not least, I resolve to be a better husband, to take better care of the only person that matters, to be there for her every day. That is the resolution most worth keeping.

So get out there folks and explore the possibilities of a new year. Be kind to one another, be creative, embrace the new. It’s a magical world

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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