Pretty and She Knows It

Pretty and She Knows It

This is Sansa. On occasion, because of that little sprig of cartilage between her ears, we call her Knothead. She and Arya are both fond of the top of the fridge. It allows them a great view, uninterrupted sleep if they’re so inclined, and they pick up a little radiant heat from the fridge. Our cats are all about radiant heat this time of year.

I was under the weather yesterday. A burger consumed in Minot on Tuesday devastated my digestive system most of Wednesday. It wasn’t e coli, just something that didn’t agree with me and that’s all the details you need. But now I know how the dog felt the day before. But by the evening I felt good enough to assemble two bookshelves we got to replace that oak monstrosity that I took down last month. Within an hour of assembling them I found Daniel perched up on top of the tallest one (approximately six feet), acting like he belonged there. He’s got just a little too much Maine Coon in him.

Several years ago, when all of our Maine Coons were young and all alive, there was a problem with their propensity for adventure and learning from each other. We had two bookshelves that were eight feet high and stood about five feet from each other. I assumed that the arrangement was cat proof. Within a couple days of putting them up, I found our twenty pound Jasper walking back and forth on top of one. I’m still not sure how he did it. Then, when my back was turned he made a little leap and crossed over to the other one. Oh he was very pleased with himself. I left the room and came back an hour later. Hodge had joined Jasper on top of the far shelf and Jonah was on the other one. The sheer casual athleticism of them was astonishing. Then they spent some time jumping back and forth, just for the thrill of it.

Carjo thinks that Arya and Sansa are among the most active cats we’ve ever had and I will admit they can be a handful. But right now Jasper is slumbering in the man cave and no doubt thinks to himself, “you kids may think you’re the life of the party but I have done things beyond your comprehension.” And I am thankful for that.

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