Now if I Just Knew Where to Start

Now if I Just Knew Where to Start

I’ve been bouncing around in my mind for a few days, trying to get a handle on everything I have to do. We’ve got some projects going on in the house (more on that on another day) but it’s the writing tasks that are weighing on my mind.

I can juggle multiple tasks but it usually takes some kind of push before I can take off. I think I’ve reached that point now. See I need to continue sifting through the book to make some changes and catch errors, craft a synopsis of the books and the series, draft an effective query letter for agents/publishers, make a list of agents/publishers, and study this marvelous piece of work:

So yah, sure enough then, I got a lot to do. The thing with an ADHD brain, we need a lot of irons in the fire because we got bored in an instant. So this morning when I got overwhelmed with websites contradicting themselves on how to compose queries, I switched back to rewrite mode. After I make this blog post I’m going to shift gears again and read some more of the Wonderbook.

So many tasks and a finite amount of time in the day to do them in. But if I chip away at each and every job, they all get done. This approach would drive someone like Carjo nuts but it works fine for me. It’s sort of staying focused by not being focused. And so it goes.

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