The Last Day for a Valiant Warrior

The Last Day for a Valiant Warrior

The Kelvinator is gone. Long live the Kelvinator.

Sometimes it is not the big things that your parents do that you remember, it’s the little things. When I was in high school my dad stumbled upon a deal where he could get cases of Coca Cola in glass bottles for cheap. It had something to do with being friends with the school superintendent but I’m still not sure how it worked. But to store all that (and his mandatory one six pack of beer), Dad needed cold storage. So he got this used Kelvinator fridge. This squat beast must have already been twenty years old and it weighed a half ton. But dad and my uncle moved it downstairs and plugged it in. And there was nothing like drinking an ice-cold bottle of Coke after mowing the lawn.

When we moved back into the house it had been unplugged for years and my mom insisted that it didn’t even work. I plugged it in and despite the fact that the compressor sounded like a one cylinder diesel engine it kept beer and pop quite cold. It drank rather deep at the electrical trough but hey, it worked and it was free.

But all good things must come to an end. Of late, the Kelvinator’s compressor was making even more noise and I knew it was only a matter of time. So we got a new fridge and today it was delivered. The guys from the appliance store were impressed that the Kelvinator was still working and were even more impressed with how much the damn thing weighed as they hoisted it back up the stairs. Once they were gone I stocked the new fridge and began to plan my next beer run.


Tonight I’ll lift a bottle of sweet Bells Two Hearted Ale. I’ll toast to the new fridge, to the memories of the old one, and one long pull for my dad. He probably thought we didn’t appreciate the effort he made but believe me, I remember.

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