To Watch the Storms

To Watch the Storms

You might think to yourself, “this is possibly the worst cat photo he has ever posted, I fail to see the point of this, Sansa is barely in the picture.” Yes, that is Sansa way down in the right hand corner, between the two lamp posts (long story, never mind). Allow me to digress.

Note the snow clinging to the door. Now at that moment the morning sun was shining. We had gotten an inch or more snow in the last twelve hours. Then came the forty mph winds. Sansa saw the sunshine and she was screaming to go outside. She’s young and her winter instincts are not as fine tuned as the older cats. Sneaker and Jasper were sacked out in the man cave, Arya was on the post in the living room, and Daniel was curled into a ball on top of the couch. They KNEW. So Carjo opened the door and Sansa went running out. She looked to the right, got a blast of Arctic wind in her face, and went racing off the deck at light speed. Then she ran under the deck. About ten minutes or so under there and she came back to the door to beg entry. Carjo picked her up and she was covered with snow, smelling as fresh as dew.

After that ordeal she crashed on the floor by the door, soaking up some sunlight. After about a half hour of that she trotted into the living room, climbed into the cradle under Arya, and slept for three hours. Lesson learned.

Tonight we go into the deep freeze and Pippin will again have to debate on the practicality of peeing outside or just using a pad. But the cats. They’ll be in all the warm places of the house, curled into furry balls, and dreaming of summer. Especially little Sansa.

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One Response to To Watch the Storms

  1. suevee says:

    It’s such a pleasure to read these every morning. I got smart and have them delivered to my inbox so I can be lazy about keeping up.

    I’m working from home today. It’s a deep freeze here, too, though not as extreme. It’s extreme enough. Schools are closed. No reason to add to the risk of needing rescue when emergency responders are getting hit hard as I’m sure they are.

    How can Ray, ND seem so far away when compared to, say, my cousins in California, it really isn’t. Gotta find a way to see those stars and visit friends I miss so much.

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