Getting Back on the Wagon

Getting Back on the Wagon

The construction project I mentioned last week has been pretty much completed and things are back to normal. I’m not going to post pictures of what we’ve done or comment any further. It’s just one of those things I don’t feel like sharing. But I will share that January has been a month of frustration.

We have spent far too much time this month getting waylaid by one thing or another. There were unplanned trips out of town, the home improvement project, car issues, blah blah blah but it seemed to never end. But it did screw up whatever resolutions and resolve we had for kicking off the new year. No time for exercise, living on restaurant food, not much time to write, and not even much time to practice guitar. But February promises to be better.

I’ve got some new ideas for the book that will have delightful repercussions further along in the story. We’ll be making maybe one trip out of town, a run to Bismarck for my mother-in-law’s birthday. And everything else can fall into place like it should have in January. Yeah, there’s always the unexpected but I doubt if there will be a rash of it.

The cats have been out of sorts while all the hammering, sawing, and just general noise went on for the last seven days. Right now Sneakers and Jasper are sleeping on the bed in the man cave instead of cowering underneath it. Arya is snoozing by my wife, Sansa and Daniel are bathing in the sunlight that is heating up Carjo’s office. Last night we began catching up on True Detective and all the cats gathered in the living room to nap while we watched. True Detective is indeed worth the hype. If you do not have HBO, this in one romp through the darkness that you’re going to want to get on DVD (because HBO is not going to let this loose on Netflix).

So this is an update of sorts. If there is anything to take away from this it may be that when your routine is getting screwed, your plans foiled, and your good intentions denied, don’t let it keep you from getting back your mojo. We are resilient creatures that can rebound from adversity and change. Like the cats, there will always be another chance to nap in the sunshine.

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