My Kind of Figure Skater

I have no doubt that my wife and I will succumb to the soul-sucking void that will be NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Carjo has already asked “when do the girls skate” which means that by that weekend she will be in full girly-girl mode, hanging on every single scrape across the ice.

I’ve got lots of issues with the Olympics. I mean there’s the whole issue of this being Putin’s Potemkin Party, trying to put a positive spin on his repulsive gay-bashing regime. Look, the fucker has extermination squads running through the streets shooting stray dogs. The amount of corruption and bribery it took to build this half-ass Olympic village was astounding. Which leads us of course to the International Olympic Committee, the all-time champion in the category of most corrupt governing sports authority. FIFA and the NCAA weep in jealous rage when they consider the amount of chicanery those assholes get away with on a routine basis. Then there’s the coverage by NBC with their maudlin human interest stories, endless parade of corporate tie-ins, and whitewashing of all the controversy surrounding these games. Costas must be just ready to burst with all the crap he has to endure/ignore.

But it still comes down to the glory of the competition. In spite of all the heaps of bullshit these athletes must overcome, each and every one of them are a blast to watch. These are humans who have trained and practiced for tens of thousands of hours since they were in grade school. Hell, depending on the country, they might have been yanked out of grade school to train. There is such compelling drama in watching athletes who likely will never reach this stage again try like hell to do their best, whether for country, ambition, or that elusive corporate sponsorship. You’re damn right we’ll watch, cheer and yell at the screen, and maybe even get a little verklempt. Besides, there’s nothing else on.

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One Response to My Kind of Figure Skater

  1. Chris Clark says:

    Well said and I couldn’t agree more. This is the first Olympics in my lifetime for which I won’t be buying something with the rings on it, but I think that’s the right call this time.

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