Two Old Men and Their Afternoon Nap

Two Old Men and Their Afternoon Nap

It’s been colder than a witch’s bottom this week and we won’t see any relief until next Monday. The quilts on the bed in the man cave are quite the cat magnet, especially for two elderly gents like Jasper (left) and Sneakers (right). I just take comfort in hearing their snoring and breathing.

I think both of these cats are fifteen now which puts them in the human equivalent of late seventies. I have an expectation that they will go for a few years more but after the losses we’ve endured the past two years I’ll take every day we get. Neither have any obvious health problems. Sneakers has lost a lot of weight since he came here with his new diet/exercise regimen but he’s still pretty tubby. Jasper weighs more but he’s got a much larger frame. Jasper also has a benign lump on his jaw but its growth seems to have halted. Like I said, I’ll take every day we get.

I am pretty sure they’ll stay here most of the afternoon until hunger pangs stir them. Then they’ll move to the living room to nap through us switching back and forth between Ghost Adventures and the opening ceremonies of Putin’s Potemkin Party. Jasper prefers the chair in the corner of the living room while Sneakers will sprawl somewhere between the coffee table and the entertainment center. It’s not an active lifestyle but at their age they’ve earned their slumber. They can dream of summer days, of walking in the green grass. After all, that’s what we humans do these bitter cold days.

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