This is What Our Sunday Morning Has Been Like

It started with Sansa deciding that despite being a fat little shit she could still climb on to a fragile end table in the man cave. She took out a lamp that while cheap was part of a set and cannot be replaced. She and Arya also like stripping the stuff off my nightstand. Cats are dicks.

Let’s move onto the dog. Carjo has new carpet in her office. That is a violation of all that is good and decent according to Pippin. She moved a fan in there to use with her treadmill. This is a fan that Pippin has peed on before just because he’s a dick. So of course sometime last evening, even though he went outside about fifteen times, he gave it a soaker. And then sometime in the middle of the night, he decided that her black mesh garbage can should also get thoroughly hosed down.

Going back into the kitchen in search of carpet cleaner I caught a wiff of something foul. I looked into the dining room and Daniel had emptied the entire contents of his stomach. In liquid form. Because you know, he felt he had to.

Is it too early to open a bottle of Scotch?

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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