This Post is Not Safe for Work…

This Post is Not Safe for Work...

…butt bear with me.

This is about my ongoing battle with the horrendous beast known as iTunes. I use iTunes to manage our iPhone and iPad but it is an absolutely wretched media player. As Dean Wormer said, “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son” and that is iTunes. I have noticed before that it is absolute wretched about finding album art. For example, when I loaded Pink Floyd’s classic Wish You Were Here, it couldn’t even give me the correct cover. I have found the trick to making it accept a cover that I copy from elsewhere and paste but even then it gets fussy. Aaaaaaargh.

There’s two albums on my iTunes right now where no matter what I do, it will not take the original album art nor transfer that art to my iPad. So for one album I posted a tasteful photo of a young lingerie model and on another i posted the lovely image you see above. I think of it as my way of mooning the electronic ghost of Steve Jobs.

And yeah, this is the last time I’ll post an image that’s not safe for work…unless Apple pisses me off again.

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