The Lean in Collection

The Lean in Collection

Buzzfeed is normally a clickbait smorgasbord of the trivial, sophomoric, controversial, and ridiculous but when they go longform they can be quite insightful and thought-provoking. This piece by Ashley Perez is definitely the later.

As a writer I like to think I take care to make sure my female characters have as much agency and control as the male ones. It’s not something I want a pat on the back for but I do want to point out that it does take some awareness for a male writer to do that. It’s not the default setting for a middle aged straight male. The importance of the Lean In Collection is that it hammers at these default settings and maybe, just maybe, might make a difference on how we look at women. Read it, study each photo, absorb the message. Now go out and evangelize.

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One Response to The Lean in Collection

  1. Noreen says:

    Here is something else that will change how you feel about women and men. It’s rather more disturbing.

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